ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A garden club in central Virginia is celebrating a century worth of service within the community. On Sunday, dozens of people, including Virginia lawmakers, gathered in Orange County to recognize the club for its hard work.

Dolley Madison Garden Club had a Centennial Celebration at Taylor Park in Downtown Orange. The ceremony brought attention to why gardens are important and how they help out the environment. Despite the rain, the tent in Taylor Park in Orange County was packed with nature lovers enjoying the garden and the new fountain.  

"This organization has been vital to this community,” said Representative (D-VA 7th District) Abigail Spanberger.

For 100 years, the Dolley Madison Garden Club has been beautifying the community. 

"We're out here probably, well in the summertime we're out here a lot because we water all these pots, during the year we're probably here every six weeks,” said Annie Vanderwarker, president of Dolley Madison Garden Club.

United States Senator Tim Kaine, said the environment plays a critical role in general and more should be done to try to help preserve land.

"Garden clubs play an amazing role in Virginia,” said Kaine. "What we try to do on the federal level is focus on funding for the land and the water conservation fund, just had success getting that funded and these are federal monies that go to all kinds of land and conservation projects."

Spanberger serves on the Agriculture Committee and said the mission is to help the environment.

"Our work on that committee is to ensure across the country we are conserving land, we are acting as good Stewarts of our natural resources,” said Spanberger.

Overall, the goal is to keep Earth beautiful for hopefully another 100 years.

“I hope we keep doing this and maybe we have another park we started up around the corner and I’d like to see us continue to do this,” said Vanderwarker.

The Dolley Madison Garden Club invites everyone to go down to Taylor Park to check the garden in their free time.