WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - The Waynesboro Police Department hopes that new technology will help them crack down on more crime in the city. People in Waynesboro will now be able to show suspicious activity instead of just telling.

The Waynesboro Police Department partnered with Ring.com to make their jobs easier and solve crimes faster. Ring.com is a home-monitoring system that allows you to answer the door and check-in on home, anytime from anywhere.

"Like the old saying is a picture is worth 1000 words, well video is even better,” said Sargent Frederick Smith, with the Waynesboro Police Department.

Reporting crime to the police just got a lot easier for people living in Waynesboro.

"You can actually tell somebody about a crime but to actually just sit there and watch it as it happens. There's so many clues that an eye witness might leave out that a trained police officer watches a video and picks out different characteristics,” said Smith.

The new partnership between the police department and Ring.com will allow existing Ring Neighbors to upload videos of suspicious activity.

"Videos of theft, crime, suspicious people, people knocking on people's doors, people going in people’s yards,” said Smith.

Simply download the Neighbors App on your smartphone or Android device, opt-in to join that neighborhood and then customize it to your geographic region.

"In a modern era, that we're in and continue to grow with that and use every tool at our disposal to do the best job we can,” said Captain Kelly Walker.

Many people in Waynesboro already have a Ring camera which shows up on this map.

"A general area in these red zones and these light blue zones show that there is a ring camera, the red zones are high-density volume if cameras,” said Smith. "It gives us real-time interaction with our citizens and if there's something in the neighborhood that's going on we want to know about it, if it's something suspicious, we want to know about it,” said Smith.

People who upload their videos can choose to stay anonymous unless they don't want to. People can still use the app even if they don't have Ring because it works with other home cameras as well.