CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Volunteers are working to build a wheelchair ramp for the family of a disabled child in Charlottesville.

The Al Oudeh family moved from Syria to Virginia a little over a year ago, and ever since has been struggling with travel for their daughter.

Volunteers from State Farm are partnering with the Albemarle Housing Improvement (AHIP) nonprofit to build the wheelchair ramp for the family.

"Projects like these are… it's just out fabric. I mean, there's a lot of opportunities here just in our town - just like in every town - that if you take a few minutes, or a few hours out of the day, just to make a difference it can go a long way," said Gary Albert, State Farm agent.

Workers were at the house early Thursday, April 11, measuring and cutting wood, shoveling, and digging to prepare to put the ramp down.

"Instead of paying crews to come out and build this ramp we have volunteers building the ramp, and so that means we can take the funds we would have paid that crew with and go build a different ramp for somebody else,” AHIP Executive Director Jennifer Jacobs said.  

Dareen Al Oudeh says this addition will be a great help because of how difficult it is to move her daughter.

"It is very hard because I bring her, I hold her, and then I hold the wheelchair. At first I hold her, and then back to the wheelchair, and then this is a couple times a day because I bring her to school and drive her back from school. I have to do that around three times a day," said the mother.

The family says they could not be more grateful for the people that helped make their lives easier.

State Farm also presented AHIP with a check for more than $1,200 to help other families with home repairs.