CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With the University of Virginia men’s basketball team now national champions, the UVA Office of Trademark and Licensing is extra busy approving new design requests from vendors.

Believe it or not, the licensing office says it saw the first designs way back in February. That's because everything has to be licensed and approved by UVA and the NCAA.

The university says out of its 350 licensees, only about 30 companies are licensed for NCAA championship merchandise. Those companies supply apparel and merchandise to many of the retail stores, like Mincer's and Dicks Sporting Goods.

While many companies have been approved to sell goods, the licensing office says it's still busy approving designs.

“One great thing about our community is a lot of the licensing and retail work is all done right here in Charlottesville,” said Todd Goodale. “We've got some really strong, local licensees relationships.”

One of those companies is Blue Ridge Graphics, which supplies T-shirts to the UVA Bookstore and other stores in the area.

The University of Virginia Office of Trademark and Licensing says a small percentage of the revenue generated from UVA gear is split between the university and the UVA Athletics Department.

It's too soon to know how much money will be generated from the Cavaliers’ big win.