CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The budget season is finally over for Charlottesville. After several work sessions and hearings for the public, the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget was adopted Monday at nearly $189-million.

Members of Charlottesville City Council got together Monday, April 8, to approve the budget and several other items: The Tax Relief program, annual tax levy, and budget appropriation all passed unanimously by councilors during the brief meeting.

Taxes for real estate will also remain at $0.95 on every $100 of assessed value. This decision comes after uproar about a proposal made earlier this year to raise taxes by 1%.

Along with the budget, councilors approved a relief package to help people living in Charlottesville deal with increased property assessments.

“So obviously, as assessments go up… that is a real impact that it has on our community, whether or not we make a conscious decision to raise taxes or not, and so we've - last year and again this year - looking to ways we can really further bolster those relief programs so that as those assessments come out, that they're not pushing folks out of the community,” Vice Mayor Heather Hill said.

City Council is hopeful it can develop a housing strategy over the next year to see how it can become more progressive on taxing so people are not pushed out of Charlottesville.

The vice mayor says she's sure all of the councilors were not 100% thrilled with every aspect of the budget, but they were able to find common ground.

04/08/2019 Release from Charlottesville:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - At a special meeting held April 8, 2019, Charlottesville City Council approved the FY 2020 budget, tax rate and vehicle tax relief programs.

City Council voted to:

  • Establish the 2019 tax year Vehicle Tax Relief Percentage (1st of 1 reading)
  • Set the Annual Tax Levy for 2019 (2nd of 2 readings)
  • Approve the Annual Budget Appropriation for FY 2020 (2nd of 2 readings)

Total general fund expenditures in the FY 2020 budget are $188,863,920 and balanced to general fund revenues of the same amount. This represents a 5.08% increase from FY 2019. Council also approved a FY 2020 Capital Projects Fund budget of $35,400,151. City Schools will receive a local contribution of $57,366,623. In addition, City Schools will receive $1.25 million a year in an unallocated fund that the schools can use for priority capital improvement initiatives of their choice, over $1.9 million for general capital improvement dollars and HVAC replacement funds a year and $3 million in pre-construction funds for the schools reconfiguration project.

In the FY 2020 Adopted Budget, the Meals Tax rate will increase from 5% to 6% and the Transient Occupancy (Lodging) Tax rate will increase from 7% to 8%, both effective July 1, 2019.

Council's major themes in this year's budget include:

  • Affordable Housing Investment
  • Investment in City employees
  • Strong Support for City Schools
  • Preserving and Enhancing Quality Services, and
  • Focus on organizational efficiencies, aligning with our Strategic Plan and Council Priorities

Under the revenue sharing agreement of May 24, 1982, the sum of $14,199,607 will be received to the General Fund from the County of Albemarle. Of that amount, $6,968,323 shall be transferred to the Capital Projects Fund and $400,000 shall be transferred to the Facilities Repair Fund.

Complete budget materials are available online at under FY 2020 Proposed Budget.