As business owners across Charlottesville put their plans in place for Monday night's big basketball game, city police are locking down theirs to help keep everyone safe.

If the University of Virginia wins the NCAA championship game on Monday, April 8, police expect students and community members to flood the streets around the area of the Corner.

That was also the case following the game on Saturday, April 6.

A no-parking zone for University Avenue will also go into effect at 5 p.m. Monday.

Elliewood Avenue and a portion of 14th Street will also be closed starting at 7 p.m.

"We have extra resources on hand - a joint effort between us, the county, UVA, VSP, and other outside agencies,” Tyler Hawn, the Charlottesville Police Department’s spokesman, said. “We do have plans in place to close the streets just like we did on Saturday if that should arise."

Police are warning people to not climb on private property, including the railroad bridge near University Avenue and 14th Street.

Police also remind people that fireworks are illegal in the city.

Press Release from Charlottesville-UVA-Albemarle Office of Emergency Management Emergency Communications Center:
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - As part of the public safety plan for tonight's NCAA Championship basketball game, the City of Charlottesville will be limiting some parking and closing two streets in the area of The Corner at the University of Virginia on Monday, April 8, 2019.
From 5 p.m. Monday to 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, there will be no parking on either side of University Avenue between Jefferson Park Avenue and Rugby Avenue. Illegally parked cars will be towed.
While University Avenue will remain open to vehicular traffic, Elliewood Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic and the section of 14th Street NW between University Avenue and Wertland Street will be closed to vehicular traffic.
In addition, the Charlottesville Downtown Mall vehicular crossings will be closed to vehicular traffic during the same timeframe.
Flying of Drones
In a release earlier today, local law enforcement officials asked for the public's assistance limiting the use of drones near the UVA Hospital where they may interfere with the flight operations of Pegasus and other medevac helicopters. While drone use cannot be prohibited in city limits by local law enforcement except under certain circumstances, UAV operators are asked to be mindful of UVA hospital’s airspace and to follow Federal and State laws regarding UAV operations.

Press Release from Charlottesville-UVA-Albemarle Office of Emergency Management Emergency Communications Center:
To: All Members of the Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and UVA Communities
Chief RaShall Brackney, Charlottesville Police
Chief Ron Lantz, Albemarle County Police 
Chief Tommye Sutton, UVA Police
We are all looking forward to a great game on Monday as the UVA men’s basketball team takes on Texas Tech in the National Championship game. This is a historic moment in UVA men’s basketball, made even more exciting by student athletes who have already thrilled fans beyond their wildest expectations. As we once again prepare for celebrations that may unfold after the conclusion of the game, we are reminding the public to celebrate safely and responsibly.
The three of us and our teams have developed a coordinated plan to maximize safety. This plan includes having additional police, fire, and medical resources on hand to deter incidents and respond to calls for service. Our regional emergency operations center will be activated to coordinate public safety efforts and resources. Our teams will also be monitoring technology, including video cameras, throughout the City and Grounds.
Property damage, violence, or other crimes cannot be tolerated.
Public safety personnel from various agencies will be out and about assisting to ensure the Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and UVA communities remain safe throughout these celebrations.
For your safety and safety of others climbing on any city-owned or personal vehicles, infrastructure or buildings is strictly prohibited. This includes walking on, climbing or jumping from the railroad bridge or tracks. 
Also, the use of drones in the city limits is prohibited. In the area of the UVA Hospital, drones impact the flight path of Pegasus, a crucial medevac transport unit for the hospital.
The Charlottesville Fire Department would also like to remind citizens that any open fires, flares or fireworks in the city limits is prohibited. This includes burning furniture.
For those establishments with a balcony – it is important to consider how to control access to that space and monitoring for any overcrowding.
Although most of our community members will not choose to consume alcohol, we know that some will. As a reminder, it is critical that if you see someone intoxicated who needs help, you should call 911 for medical assistance. Never hesitate to call 911 because you or the other person is under age.
This is a wonderful moment when we all can share a common pride in our community. Our goal is to support safe celebrations, and we ask you to be responsible and not engage in any negative activities that would overshadow this bright moment for Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the University of Virginia.