STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - A center that provides a coordinated response to families of child abuse victims in order to prevent future trauma has a new space in Staunton.

The Valley Children's Advocacy Center cut the ribbon on Friday, April 5, at its new location.

The executive director says referrals increase roughly 20 percent every year. Plus, this new location on Greenville Avenue is four times larger than the old offices.

"It's just provided so many opportunities for us to be able to provide better services, more confidentiality to our clients when they come in,” Rebecca Simmons, the executive director, said. “A lot of times when our clients come, they're in the midst of crisis and so we need to be able to provide them some confidentiality and a safe, welcoming space, and so this center does that."

The center's partners include investigators, prosecutors, victim advocates, child protective services, and medical professionals.