Press Release from the City of Charlottesville:

The city’s Electoral Board met tonight (April 3) at the voter registrar’s office and drew names to determine the order in which the five City Council candidates who qualified for the June 11 Democratic primary will be listed on the ballot. The five will be listed as:

Michael K. Payne

F. “Bob” Fenwick, Jr. 

Brian R. Pinkston 

Sena A. Magill 

Lloyd Snook, III

State law requires that primary candidates be listed on the ballot in the order in which they file for the office. When filing opened at Noon on March 11, these five candidates were waiting to file papers and voter petitions with Charlottesville Democratic Committee Co-Chair Suzanne Michels. When primary candidates file at the same time, state law requires that the ballot order be determined “by lot.” The drawing is performed by the local electoral board if the candidates are running for a local office, or by the State Board of Elections for other offices.

In the public meeting, Charlottesville Electoral Board members Anne Hemenway and Jon Bright checked the names on prepared blue slips against the Registrar’s list, sealed each slip in a black film canister, tumbled the canisters in a covered tin ice bucket decorated with an American flag design, then drew them one at a time, reading and displaying the names to those present.

Ms. Michels had also certified that only one candidate, incumbent Llezelle A. Dugger, filed and qualified for the primary for Clerk of Court. Because write-in votes are not allowed in Virginia primaries, unopposed primary candidates are thereby deemed party nominees and go straight to the November general election ballot. Ms. Dugger’s office and name will not appear on the June primary ballot.

The State Board of Elections is now reviewing party certifications of primary candidates for General Assembly offices. The Democratic Party requested primaries for Charlottesville City Council, Clerk of Court, and the city’s representatives in the House of Delegates (District 57) and State Senate (District 25). The Republican Party did not request primaries for any of those offices.

In-person absentee voting for the city’s June 11 Democratic Primary begins in the voter registration office, in the City Hall Annex (next to the Sprint Pavilion), on Friday, April 26 and continues until Saturday, June 8 during office hours (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday), and on Saturday, June 8 (8:30 AM -- 5:00 PM). A photo ID and qualifying absentee reason are required. “Curbside” voting is also available at the office for absentee voters who are age 65 or older (and have a qualifying absentee reason), or who have a disability.

Mailed absentee ballots can be requested now and will be sent out beginning April 26. Overseas and military voters can ask to receive their absentee ballot by email, and then print, complete and mail it back to be counted. Absentee ballots can be requested through the Virginia Department of Elections website,, or voters can call their registrar’s office (city - 434-970-3250) to request an application. A qualifying absentee reason is required. The deadline to apply for a mailed absentee ballot is 5:00 PM on the Tuesday before election day, but that is often not enough time for the ballot to travel by mail both ways. Applying earlier is recommended. Voted absentee ballots must be received by the registrar’s office by 7:00 PM on election day.