GORDONSVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A state grant could lead to much-needed improvements at a central Virginia airport.

The Gordonsville Municipal Airport received a $121,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Aviation. In addition to funds from the state, the town of Gordonsville is required to kick in $30,000.

The funding from the state will cover designs for runway improvements which includes the Taxiway and Apron area.

Town manager for the town of Gordonsville, Debbie Kendall, stated the Virginia Department of Aviation said the pavement is in poor condition.

In order to keep the airport viable and certified, those conditions have to be improved. The possible upgrades would also address leveling out the runway and making it wider.

“Right now when you are at one end of the runway can't see the other end of the runway which can pose a safety concern. Our airport is very popular with recreational enthusiast and local pilots, we want to just be sure that it's a safe place for them to spend their time and fly their aircraft,” said Kendall.

If the work doesn't get done at the airport, it could be decertified and stop receiving state funding. Preliminary reports show the reconstruction of the runway could cost more than $2 million.

It's up to Gordonsville's City Council to get the project past the design phase.