CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Attorneys involved in a battle over whether it's unconstitutional for Virginia to suspend somebody's driver's license if they don't pay court costs and fines went before a federal judge on Monday.

Damian Stinnie and others sued the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles claiming the state statute is unfair to poor people and should be struck down.

Judge Norman Moon heard arguments over a pair of motions on Monday morning at the Federal Courthouse in Charlottesville.

One was a defense motion to dismiss the case. The other motion sought class certification for the plaintiffs.

One would be a suspended class, the other a future suspension class.

An attorney representing the plaintiffs told the judge "we have a constitutional crisis and this lawsuit is the vehicle to bring about change".

In 2017, 1 million Virginians had their driver's license suspended because they couldn't pay court costs or fines.

Judge Moon did not issue a ruling, and it remained unclear when he will. A five-day bench trial is set to start on August 5.