CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - United Methodists across central Virginia are knocking down bowling pins to raise money for a new apartment complex that hopes to house people with intellectual disabilities.

Organizers want to build 15 units attached to the United Methodist Church along Hinton Avenue in Charlottesville. They've been working over the years to raise funds and said the annual event will help make that a reality.

People from central Virginia’s United Methodist churches put on their bowling shoes, to knock down pins and raise money for Rachel's Haven.

“Some of the apartments will be set aside for people with developmental disabilities where they can live in their own apartments, have their own places,” said Kim Crater, with the Charlottesville District of the United Methodist Church. “Folks with developmental disabilities are just like the rest of us and many of them want their own places to live.”  

On Sunday, dozens cheered for strikes and spares, while raising money for the project. Leaders of the project would like one-third of the units to be rented to adults with intellectual disabilities.

“There are group homes, what we're building is very different than a group home. It would be a place where people with developmental disabilities would live in their own home it would be in their own apartment,” stated Crater.

The remainder of the units would be available to anyone. Organizers with the church are in talks with the city and facing a few hurdles.

“They will all be neighbors to each other, part of the same community, knowing each other, hopefully enjoying each other and supporting each other,” said Crater. “We are in the process of looking into having the property re-zoned because it's not currently zoned for apartments."

They're hopeful they will have something to cheer about.

“This is so wonderful to see and it's an expression of our connectedness as United Methodists one of the distinctive of our denomination is that we're not just one individual church,” said Robert Lewis, Pastor at Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church.

The group said it is still working on an estimate for the total cost of construction, but said it is always looking for donations to help out.