CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - On Saturday, students from Charlottesville High School lit candles on the Downtown Mall to honor victims and survivors of sexual violence.

We Are The Line, an organization aimed at bringing awareness to violence against women, hosted the candlelight vigil.

Survivors spoke up, shared their own experiences.

“So many people pass through the Downtown Mall every day, it's just important just for like members of our community to get involved and know how they can get involved,” said Reid Dodson, with We Are The Line.

“When people are educated they can help people that maybe they know or not know by doing like bystander interventions like really helpful for everyone and everyone should know it I think,” said Gabby Wade, with We Are The Line.

During the vigil, members of We Are The Line constantly re-lit candles that went out to signify the ongoing struggle women face.