GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Greene County is celebrating some of its most talented community members.

On Saturday, William Monroe High School hosted the 11th Annual Greene County Arts Festival where students and citizens came together to share a common love for art.

The art festival gave middle and high school students a chance to show off their skills. It also served as an opportunity for people to check out new styles of art they might not normally get to see.

“You might be surprised by what you do like,” said Jennifer Tremblay, an art teacher at William Monroe High School.

Greene County drawers, painters, and sculptors put their works of art on display for everyone to see.

“It gives all of these local artists another venue to show which as an artist is always extremely difficult so you’re always looking for those places where you can show your work and it lets the community come in and actually see art,” said Tremblay.

The annual art show offered a great opportunity for artists to catch up with old friends and check out what others had been working on.

“Cause you have a bunch of art around here and all these people different styles and what they love to do and just showing that to people like hey this is what I do,” said artist Clara Mizoula.

Mizoula said the long hours she puts into each piece are well worth it when someone finds just the right drawing they were looking for.

“It’s cool cause people come in and they’ll look at it and it’s exciting to see ‘oh I love this character’ and then they just like get that character and its cool,” said Mizoula.

The show was put on by the William Monroe National Art Honor Society. Students said they are already looking forward to bringing back this great event for a twelfth year next year.