AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Landowners are speaking out about a solar project that could provide a stable income for them.

James Kindig and Max Quillen are two of 13 landowners who are part of a proposal to put 1,000 acres of solar panels on farmland in Stuarts Draft and Lyndhurst.

James Kindig (left) and Max Quillen (right) discussing the solar project.

The board of supervisors will decide the fate of this project.

Quillen said property rights are being lost in the conversation, while Kindig said it's baffling that the board would hesitate to approve it.

"It complies with the solar ordinance, with the comprehensive plan a [indecipherable word] by the planning commission and yet somehow some on the board feel that they would have the right to deny us this opportunity which we feel is completely wrong,” said Quillen.

Kindig stated, "It’s going to generate a lot of tax revenue that otherwise would not be available to the county. It's going to, to some degree, slow down any future developments."

Both Kindig and Quillen said the comprehensive plan is just a guide for future zoning and that their land zoned agriculture meets the county's requirements.