WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - The Waynesboro School Board passed a budget on Tuesday night that cuts more than a dozen teachers.

Next year's budget includes a 3 percent or more raise for most school employees.

Superintendent Jeff Cassell says this helps address lagging pay scales in order to attract and retain quality teachers. But it also means cutting 12 to 15 teaching positions, two to five aides, and reducing programs.

Cassell says stagnant local funding and declining student enrollment is to blame.

"We're working hard to become more efficient, but we also need to have additional funding either from the locality or the state or both to operate a quality school program,” Cassell said.

With the help of a retirement incentive, Cassell hopes to eliminate the positions through attrition.

He says this will affect every building in terms of larger class sizes, staff re-assignments, and reduced programs.

Cassell is presenting the budget to City Council on Monday, March 25.