CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Thanks to a successful pilot program, Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall may soon be making room for more than just foot traffic.

City Council is looking to reverse the traffic pattern on 2nd Street across the Downtown Mall to allow the Charlottesville Area Transit trolley to cross through.

This would also add a new bus stop on South Street for Midway Manor apartments and give the trolley more navigation around the city.

The go-ahead was given at the City Council meeting on Monday, March 18, following a pilot program that tested the potential change in traffic to make sure the trolley can make the wide turn.

However, this all comes with a catch. The city will be removing four parking spaces near the mall - two along 2nd Street and two on South Street.

“This is all the result of Mary Carey, one of our residents asking for an accommodation, and so the pilot involved just testing whether a bus could make the turn and figuring out which parking spots we would have to give up,” Brian Wheeler, the city’s communications director, said.

Wheeler says council will put up signs about the change and collect community feedback for 14 days.

Staff will take that feedback and then take the appropriate action after that.