ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A dog found with a chain embedded in its neck is rallying together volunteers from the organization Dogs Deserve Better.

That organization asks for community donations to help pay for the dog’s life-saving surgery. After 2-hour long surgery and full vetting, Danny Boy, set on the road to recovery.

“He came in with a 6 pound chain embedded in his neck,” said Veterinarian Dr. Jenna Garza.

Volunteers with Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge rescued Danny Boy over the weekend in Louisa County.

“He was actually in really high spirits. We didn't know he was in any sort of pain,” said Sarah Spangler, with Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge. “When we went to remove the collar to give him a new collar and tether and found that the chain had actually there was no collar it was just the chain and it was embedded into his neck.”

They rushed him to VETSS in Albemarle County where Danny Boy underwent a 2-hour surgery to remove the chain.

Garza said, “We try to work really closely with our rescue groups especially with Dogs Deserve Better and we try to offer discounts and do the best medicine possible without breaking the bank.”

$1,800 later, volunteers ask for community help to pay for Danny Boy's new life.

“Financially we also may need a second surgery to help clean out the wounds, so costs can pile up after just the surgery,” said Spangler.

Those with Dogs Deserve Better hope legislation will make cases like Danny Boy's far less common.

“SB 1025 was recently passed through both the house and the senate in Virginia it's now on the governor's desk,” stated Spangler. “It also can only be one tenth of the dog's body. Unfortunately in this case it was a 6 pound chain so it still would've been less than a tenth of his body weight.”

The proposed legislation would put stricter regulations on the length and weight of chains used on outdoor dogs. Despite a rough life, Danny Boy is on the road the recovery.

Spangler noted, “I've never seen a dog that could possibly be in so much pain, but still had so much energy and life in him in such a hopeless situation so I have really high hopes for him recovering and being a great family pet.”

Dogs Deserve Better chose not to report the incident because the owner surrendered the animal. NBC29 spoke to Louisa County Sheriff's Office and they did not know of the case. At this time, the owner is not facing any charges.

Dogs Deserve Better is collecting donations, and can be contacted at (434) 264-6170.