RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is back from a weekend international trip to the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

Kaine visited the region during times of political turmoil.

He’s pushing for the United States and international community to support peace, liberty, and democracy in Venezuela, which is currently experiencing unrest as a result of two people claiming to be the country’s president.

During his trip, Kaine visited the Venezuela border and met with families in Bogota, Colombia, who were forced to flee their homes in Venezuela.

He also met with government officials to get a better understanding of the crisis and how Venezuela’s issues are impacting its neighbor Colombia.

The senator has raised concerns with the Trump administration to loosen talks of military action to ensure aid is delivered.

“Military intervention is not what the United States’ focus should be, that's my strong belief and I have also seen no evidence as a member of the armed services committee,” Kaine said. “I pay pretty close attention and see no evidence that the U.S. is preparing for military plans.”

Earlier this month, Kaine, along with his colleagues, sent a letter to President Trump calling for temporary protected status for Venezuelans in the United States.

The senator says the focus moving forward is on how to get aid into Venezuela, instead of it collecting in Colombia.

Kaine also aims to get more people from the international community invested in helping the Venezuelan people.