CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Saint Patrick’s Day festivities were in full swing on Charlottesville Downtown Mall but some activities were focused less on the booze and more on family fun.

At Citizen Burger, kids could get their faces painted and do arts and crafts.

Other restaurants and businesses took part in the fun by offering discounts and sporting decorations to help paint the town green for the holiday.

“It's just great to get kids out and have fun and you know even though it's a cold day, you can get them out and get them doing stuff and there's all different kinds of families here and considering Charlottesville's recent history I think it's great to see the community out with everybody, yeah she's right,” said Andrea Flesch, who was out enjoying Saint Patrick’s Day.

Other restaurants and bars continued the usual Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations with plenty of drink specials.