CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People in the Charlottesville area are experiencing art while dining out in a whole new way and it is all happening through their cell phones.

The Charlottesville based digital art museum, Torosiete, created a way for people to interact with contemporary artists and their work all while dining out on the Downtown Mall.

When you're out to eat one of the last things on your mind might be the art on display, but some curators work to change that.

“We work with each restaurant, we determine what is the sort of mood and atmosphere of that particular place and we create exhibitions that match their décor,” said Keith Tomlin, with Torosiete Museum.

Torosiete worked with Ten Course Hospitality to show off art from around the world in restaurants along the Downtown Mall.

“We primarily work with contemporary artists, emerging contemporary artists,” said Tomlin. “This allows us to create a museum experience that is accessible from anywhere at any time from anyone.”

While you're at one of the participating restaurants you simply scan a barcode next to a particular piece with your phones camera app. Then you're taken to the museum's virtual exhibition.

Tomlin said, “It allows people to navigate through in real time and allows them to zoom into the works, see what they look like in a room and experience it just like they would in a real museum.”

Restaurants, including The Bebedero, said the interactive art exhibitions have become a topic of conversation and a reason people come in for a visit.

“Yes, that happens a lot. People are just constantly taking pictures of this place for any number of reasons, the art of the walls,” said River Hawkins, co-owner of The Bebedero. “Art always livens up a room, helps with décor and brightens spirits.”

Those exhibitions are available at the Bebedero and around the commonwealth. The museum plans to rotate the artwork at each location in May.