CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With the weather warming up, people in central Virginia are getting outside, and getting ready for spring planting season.

As workshops and community supported agriculture began to sprout, many got their hands dirty as they learned ways to grow their own food.

“It’s really exciting to be able to bring in an organism that’s growing in Charlottesville and sharing it with them,” said Nina O’Malley, Mush Love.

Manager of Bellair Farm, Jamie Barrett, said, “It’s the time of year where all the farms in this area are getting their animals out on pasture are starting to seed and plant, and it’s a great time to start thinking about supporting local agriculture. Like getting into a CSA program like Bellair Farm or some of the other great ones that are around here or visiting the markets. Pretty soon, people are going to start having a lot of produce again.”

In central Virginia, places like Bellair Farm hold family days, encouraging people to get outside.

“Just like plants, the mushrooms kind of go to sleep in the wintertime and a lot for people get you know, a little drowsy that time of year too so as everyone's kind of coming out and starting to wake up in the spring and work on their gardens they can also work on planting a mushroom garden,” said Charlie Aller, Mush Love.

Barret said he hopes to get every member of a family involved in planting.

“We want every part of every generation to be able to explore the farm in some way so we have a children's garden where children can go in and not worry about over picking or pulling something a little too hard,” Barrett. “The idea that they could get involved, and they could get outside and interact with the earth and get their hands dirty and get the seeds in the ground and really farming is so experiential.”

For more information about what you can start growing now, you can visit a garden center near you.

You can also find information about community supported agriculture programs here.