CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - African-American women, from both past and present, are being remembered and celebrated.

A new event in Charlottesville hoped to bring attention to the work that African-American women did in the fight for justice.

“I think it’s really important to honor women of color,” said community activist and organizer, Tanesha Hudson.

On Saturday, at the Jefferson School African-American Heritage Center, dozens of people gathered to do honor and remember.

Spoken-word poet, Myra Anderson, said, “I see you. Standing in the crowd with the weight of the world on your shoulders, chin up, hair laid, walking to the rhythm of the sound, ain't no stopping you now. You are magic.”

“This is a celebration, not a wake,” noted Alex Zhan.

Organizer Hudson said it is past time for those women to be honored.    

“Because they often go unrewarded for their untiring efforts and you know the fight for justice. The fight for civil rights, their hard work in the education system like black women has led the way for so long and went unrewarded and I think it’s just important to honor them.”

Hudson said she expects the event to grow next year, and hopes to include women of every color.

“This year we focused on women of color but next year well mix it up a bit because it is a joint fight. It’s joint effort so it’s all women,” said Hudson. “It’s just really important for people to get the history of women that have done great things, like the fight for social justice is not new, it’s been happening, and we need to all pay attention to it.”

Hudson said they were able to pull the event together with help from donations from several local businesses.

The next celebration of African-American women is expected to be held in March of 2020.