STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - For the 16th year, the Cinderella Project is dressing prom-goers for free.

The shop, which is located near the old Peebles in Staunton Mall, is filled with thousands of dresses, tuxes, suits, and all the accessories needed to go to the prom.

And new this year, Nelson County schools are among the 23 high schools and 19 middle schools the Cinderella Project helps.

They hope to dress 350 kids.

"You have people come in that – ‘oh, I've never been in a dress,’ or ‘I'm just here with my friend,’” Kathe Morrison, who works for the Cinderella Project, said. “Well, are you going to prom? ‘No, I don't have a dress.’ We have 2,700 dresses, so there's no excuse. Come in and let us dress you."

The Cinderella Shop is open every Saturday, starting March 16.

Students can visit the guidance counselor at their school to learn more information.