CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The anniversary date of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville will be known as “Unity Days" moving forward.

On Wednesday, March 13, organizers worked to plan events that they hope will help the community reflect and move forward following the violence seen in 2017.

Wednesday night, members of the Unity Day Action Committee got a better idea of how they will operate over the next few months as they organize Charlottesville’s first Unity Day celebrations.

The goal is to plan four months of activities that will run from May through August with members of the committee overseeing every step of the process.

At the meeting, committee members were assigned to help plan events to fit the theme for each of those months.

Matthew Christensen, a member of the committee, says they hope the events help the community on its path of healing.

“I think we need to acknowledge that there’s been a long history of racism in Charlottesville and the surrounding community that continues today and that we are wanting to come together and work past that and work through it,” Christensen said.

The committee also discussed more potential ways to get members of the community involved in the planning process.

Members of the community are invited to get involved at any point leading up the events.

Unity Day planning sessions will be held every other Wednesday, with the next one scheduled for March 27.