CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Attorneys fighting over a pair of statutes in downtown Charlottesville were back at it in court Wednesday.

A judge in Charlottesville Circuit Court heard motions for several hours Wednesday, March 13.

Both sides are arguing over encroachment issues, damages and gross negligence.

This is all over a City Council decision to remove the statues of Robert E. Lee and Thomas Johnathan “Stonewall” Jackson from public parks. The original lawsuit was filed back in March 2017.

At one point, lawyers in favor of keeping the statues claimed the Blue Ribbon Commission was a setup, and they have a witness to prove it. The commission’s final report recommended moving the state of Lee to McIntire Park, or “transforming” the park where it currently sits.

No decisions were made Wednesday, and another hearing could be set for May.