CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A group of athletes is working to make Charlottesville’s new skate park more inclusive.

Chicks in Bowls held a takeover event at the McIntire Skateboard Park Sunday afternoon.

The Chicks in Bowls group is all about getting everyone to take a chance on some wheels.

“Vacation doesn't need to be far. You know, Virginia is for skaters, Virginia is for lovers,” said Renee ‘Missy Savage’ Mitchell, Chicks in Bowls.

Women from as far away as Virginia Beach descended on Charlottesville’s McIntire Skateboard Park on Sunday afternoon.

The group is aimed toward empowering women and girls to enter normally male-centric spaces. 

“The skate park is usually very male-dominated. We welcome anybody here in our group even though it is called ‘Chicks in Bowls’, but it really is about trying to empower other women. It can be very intimidating to go your first time and feel like everyone’s staring at you,” said Kathleen ‘Smack’ Macias, Chicks in Bowls Virginia Founder. “We’re all about no matter what size skill level, age doesn't matter. You’re welcome here and you’re safe here and we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible with wheels under their feet.”

In addition to providing guidance to skaters new to park settings, Chicks in Bowls also provides a network of encouragement.

Mitchell said having a team is always helpful.

“You have you know people that got your back and that are there to support you so if someone's like haggling you or generally being a bully you've got someone to go like, hey it doesn't matter. You know, get back up, try it again, try that trick 7 more times cause who cares.”

McIntire Skateboard Park is open daily from 8 a.m. to sunset, and while Chicks in Bowls will not be there every day, they do hope to have more events in Charlottesville.