CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - People in and around the Charlottesville community are working to keep close ties with the area's Sister Cities.

Charlottesville’s Sister Cities are Winneba, Ghana; Poggio a Caiano, Italy; Pleven, Bulgaria; and Besancon, France.

On Saturday, a group of people who had visited Charlottesville’s Sister City in Besancon, France met at the Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center to journal their experiences.

Individuals crafted different entries which chronicled their visits to the city and expressed gratitude for the city's hospitality.

“They visit us and we visit them and we've actually done trades where people work at restaurants here for example, and then work at restaurants there. We learn from each other and it keeps the relationships going,” said Alexandria Searls, the executive director of the Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center.

The journal entries will be shared in a digital exhibition with the Sister Cities.