WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - Waynesboro has never before had an ice skating rink, but that’s about to change.

The Wayne Theatre is turning into a rink, but just for one night.

Peter Pan and Friends is being performed at the Wayne Theatre on Friday, March 8.

But in this performance, actors are trading in a normal stage for a sheet of ice.

"This ice is called synthetic ice; it is actually plastic that gets hammered together like a puzzle piece," Alex Wilfand, the producer of Peter Pan and Friends on Ice, said.

In lieu of a stage, the theater has laid down individual slabs of ice.

"Imagine, like, those white cutting boards that you would cut like chicken on when you're about to cook it,” Wilfand said. “Basically that, but just infused with these oils and minerals that make it slippery."

Although the ice is fake, the tricks are real.

Skaters can still do all the jumps and splits as if they’re on an actual rink.

"They're very similar,” Linde LaChance, who plays Wendy in the show, said. “You can still do everything that you can do on regular ice, you can still jump, you can still spin, everything's just a little bit slower. You have to push a little harder on the ice."

Skating on the artificial ice takes some getting used to, according to the performers.

"At first, getting used to it is hard, but we've been doing this for a few weeks now so it feels like normal,” LaChance said. “I think skating on real ice after this is going to feel really weird."

Instead of applying a fresh glaze, cleaning the synthetic ice stage is also a little different.

"The way we clean this is actually with a squeegee and it just picks up all of the extra debris on the ice,” Wilfand said. “We've also used a power-washer once in a while."

The best thing about the synthetic ice is it can be used anywhere, and the theater doesn’t have to worry about a mess.

"You can put it outside, inside, we've put it on the beach, we've brought it to the Bahamas, and we've done it in the freezing cold,” Wilfand said.

This performance of Peter Pan and Friends on Ice is shown in more than 20 cities.

The tour is over on April 1.