CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The University of Virginia Curry School of Education is addressing the needs of minority children in the classroom.

Iheoma Iruka, a chief resource officer with HighScope Educational Research Foundation, spoke at UVA Friday, March 8.

Iruka says the experiences of black girls are often erased in educational settings, and they are not the only group this happens to.

“Their needs still remain quite invisible to the masses. Again, this is not to put black boys’ issues and black girls’ issues kind of like, ‘oh my God we’re competing.’ It’s recognizing the needs that focus on both of those issues,” said Iruka.

Friday’s lecture also focused on some of the ways that a student’s sense of power, or the lack-thereof, can implicate policies and practices in schools.

Iruka's discussion is part of a series of talks at the Curry School.