Roanoke, VA (March 07, 2019) – Kroger Mid-Atlantic recently donated $32,403.12 to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank contributed by customers and associates.

The donation is a result of a round-up campaign the grocer ran throughout the holiday season with coin boxes and icons at the register. The donation allows the food bank to distribute almost 130,000 meals, as each dollar donated to the food bank provides four meals to help end hunger in the community.

“Campaigns like this simply would not be possible without the support and generous contributions of our customers,” said Allison McGee, spokesperson for Kroger Mid-Atlantic. “Customers often wonder when they make a donation at the register how it really makes an impact – and donations like this show those pennies really count.”

These donations were guided by Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative, a national effort aimed at ending hunger in the communities Kroger calls home and eliminating waste across the company by 2025.

“The impact of Kroger’s Zero Hunger I Zero Waste campaign has been far reaching,” said Michael McKee, CEO of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. “The generosity of Kroger’s customers and associates have ensured that an additional 130,000 meals make it to the tables of struggling families who don’t always have access to enough food.

“We’re so grateful for Kroger’s partnership and their belief that everyone should have enough to eat,” McKee added.