CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville City School Board is asking the city for millions more in funding in hopes of giving a substantial pay increase for its employees.

Charlottesville city school officials presented their proposed funding request to city councilors Monday night, in hopes of getting staff pay up to a livable wage.

School Board Chair Jennifer McKeever broke down the numbers at Monday's meeting, showing the recommended budget included $3.37 million more than the previous year, which is the largest single increase in more than a decade.

The division originally asked for $3.8 million but made some cuts after Superintendent Rosa Atkins worked with City Manager Mike Murphy.

“We are asking for the $3.3 million. However, if there is additional revenue, and we do know there are limited funds, if there is additional revenue we did cut the $500,000 from the budget but if that could be replaced we would welcome that,” said Atkins.

If those funds are approved by Charlottesville’s City Council, staff would earn $15 an hour, and on average teachers would get a 5 percent increase in pay.

The budget request also added several new teacher positions to elementary schools and would increase pay for substitute teachers in the division.