WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - Waynesboro is the latest school division in the valley to move toward solar energy.

On Thursday, February 21, the school board voted to enter into a 20-year contract with Secure Futures at no cost to the school division.

Kate Collins Middle School, Westwood Hills and William Perry elementary schools, and Waynesboro High School, will all get panels on their roofs with the possibility of adding panels to the rest of the schools in the future.

Jeff Cassell, the superintendent, says the school division expects to save thousands of dollars each year under this program, along with the associated environmental and educational benefits.

"In terms of students and teachers being able to monitor the solar use each day, the amount of solar energy that we're capturing and all of that is real time with lots of technology and reporting data that's available for classrooms in the buildings,” Cassell said.

The superintendent says solar panel installation is set to begin by late summer or early fall.