RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - Protesters rallied in Richmond's Monroe Park on Monday to sound off on several issues. Topics of the protest ranged from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to Governor Northam's blackface scandal.

One person, who is 23 years old and from California, was arrested and charged with vandalism and littering after police said he threw red dye into a fountain. Another unnamed woman who had a dye pack by another fountain was stopped by police. She was issued a notice barring her from the Capitol for six months.

During a separate protest in Richmond relating to the Equal Rights Amendment, 45-year-old Michelle Sutherland of Florida was charged with indecent exposure.

Despite calls from high-ranking Democrats and Republicans for Northam to step down, the governor said he will not resign. Instead, he says he wants to use the rest of his term to heal racial inequality in Virginia.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.