CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville's commonwealth’s attorney says a member of the city's Police Civilian Review Board did not use her position inappropriately after her actions were called into question.

Denise Lunsford, a Charlottesville defense attorney, sent a letter to Commonwealth’s Attorney Joe Platania’s office on February 11 calling for an investigation into board member Katrina Turner's actions during a traffic stop involving her son.

Platania says he reviewed the body camera footage from the stop, and reports that the people involved acted in a calm and professional manner.

He says that while Turner did tell the officer she was on the board and was going to film the traffic stop, she did not do so in a threatening manner and did not violate the state's conflict of interest laws.

However, Platania did say the conduct "does little to promote an organizational reputation of objectivity towards law enforcement."