CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The woman who appeared to tackle Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Eric Kessler was back in a Charlottesville courtroom Thursday.

Phoebe Stevens was one of four people who were initially charged for hitting, spitting, or tackling Kessler at his press conference in front of City Hall the day after the controversial and violent August 12, 2017 rally. She turned herself over to police after the incident, but was arrested a month later.

Stevens appeared in Charlottesville Circuit Court early Thursday, February 14, for what was scheduled to be the start of a two-day jury trial. A judge found her guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery last year, and had ordered the defendant to complete 50 hours of community service.

Stevens indicated that she would appeal the conviction, but her attorney says the issue was settled Thursday: Jury selection was actually underway when both sides reached the agreement.

As a result, Stevens' charge was reduced to disorderly conduct, and will be dropped entirely in six months if she meets certain conditions.

Stevens also apologized to Kessler in court, maintaining she meant to help him.