ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The head of the Rutherford Institute in Albemarle County is warning people about DNA issues and law enforcement.

John Whitehead recently penned an article about what he labels "the FBI’s diabolical plan to create a nation of suspects."

Whitehead says a new rapid DNA act signed into law by the president allows police to take DNA from a suspect within two hours of his or her arrest.

Rutherford says police aren't scientifically trained and "extreme training" should be required before taking DNA.

"We can take your DNA profile online, we don't have to have your sample, we can actually duplicate it and we alter it,” Whitehead said. “What does that say? We need accountability is what I'm saying. We don't need local policemen with little boxes trying to convict people through DNA who aren't properly trained."

Rutherford also warns against at-home DNA testing kits.

He says 26 million people have done it already and many of the private companies administering the kits turn the profiles over to law enforcement.