FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The development of an industrial auto yard in Fluvanna County is now moving forward following the settlement of a lawsuit over necessary rezoning and permitting of the property.

LKQ Corporation purchased 90 acres of land from Cosner Brothers almost two years ago with plans to develop a vehicle recycling facility.

Since then, neighboring land owner Katie Ward has been fighting the project every step of the way.

She appealed Fluvanna County's granting of a special-use permit over concerns regarding the amount of noise the junkyard will give off, along with potential pollution that could be caused to nearby streams and soil.

Ward and her husband, both Air Force veterans, took the county to court over the handling of this deal with LKQ Corporation. On Monday, February 11, the two groups reached a $130,000 settlement.

The legal agreement will force the county to clean up a nearby stream and conduct several annual soil and water quality checks.

“We’re happy in the sense that now we can move on,” Ward said. “You know, it does to me make it seem like the county knew there was some credibility to our complaint - the fact that they were willing to settle - but it’s mixed emotions.”

In a written statement, Fluvanna County Administrator Steve Nichols said, "we are appreciative to have reached an agreement with the Wards {that} clears the way for an important step toward economic development in Fluvanna County."

Throughout this process, the county has reiterated that the addition of this recycling center will bring 40 to 50 jobs to Fluvanna County.

Plus, that tax revenue generated will help lower property taxes for people who live in the county.