ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Orange County High School is flexing some new fitness gear thanks to thousands of dollars in donations from the community.

Various alumni and community members raised more than $50,000 to purchase brand new equipment for the Sizemore Fitness Center.

The facility was named after renowned former Orange County High School (OCHS) coach Paul Sizemore.

The center features new treadmills, ellipticals and different weight lifting machines.

All students and athletes can use the equipment during and after school.

“Well it's all about the students I'm an advocate. I have a daughter who’s a teacher, I have a grandson who’s in the music program here and another granddaughter coming through and I graduated from this building in 1958,” said Bill Hager who helped raise money.

Those who have donated to the cause are asking for a little more than an extra $2,000 to help keep up with the necessary maintenance of the machinery.

If you would like to donate to the fitness center at OCHS, you can write a check made out to Orange County High School.

201 Selma Rd, Orange, VA 22960