CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A couple of restaurants at the Shops at Stonefield are making it easier for the whole family to enjoy a meal out together.

Burtons Grill and Travinia Italian Kitchen started offering dementia friendly dining.

Servers trained with members of the Alzheimer's Association to learn more about the signs of Alzheimer’s and how to better communicate with those with the disease.

“We go through different scenarios so we might give them an example of a person taking longer to read the menu or someone who is having trouble finding the restroom and we'll discuss with them what they might do to make that person feel more comfortable and to assist them in the best way,” said Lauren Blackshaw with the Alzheimer's Association.

Christopher Green, manager at Burtons Grill said, “A lot of times we have somewhat of an older demographic at least we have a wide range of people that come in so we want all the servers, bartenders, etcetera. Management as well to be able to accommodate people whether they have specific needs or not.”

Those with the Alzheimer's Association said the most common issues people living with the disease experience at restaurants are difficulty understanding the menu, as well as trouble thinking with loud ambient music.