Once the clock striked 9:30 a.m. Wahoo fans began to trickle into John Paul Jones Arena for ESPN College Game Day, and some students waited for hours.

"It's almost been 24 hours. we got here at noon yesterday. it's literally been 24 hours," says UVa student Sela Carrington.

"Were so excited! We waited for four and a half hours, says third years Mia Troiano and Katie Socolow.

College Game Day has come to Virginia three times and every year each student has made the half court shot this years pick. was Gabriel Simmons.

"It's funny because I was telling everyone I was coming to game day and I was saying whoever is shooting that half court shot is going to have so much pressure on them. I mean three for three wow that's a lot that's hard to live up to, then I got picked and was like 'oh no,' says Gabriel Simmons, "I honestly didn't think that shot was going in because it was a little off, but it went in."

Virginia is now 4-0 with half court shots on college game day as far as the cavalier basketball team? They are 0-1 with Duke on College Game Day and 1-2 overall, however, host Jay Williams has got the 'Hoos back and of course, so do the students. 

Second years Raeann Giannattasio and Julia Stewart say, "Definetly the 'Hoos, how could we not? Dukes going down."

"UV by 1000," says Carrington.

Third year Austin Sullivan says, "Obviously a win, I'm guessing 68-52 Virginia."