CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Activists rallied outside of police headquarters Tuesday evening to say they want answers about an alleged complaint against Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney.

Katrina Turner says she filed the complaint more than a month ago and not much has happened since.

On Tuesday, February 5, activists filled East Market Street to support the woman making the complaint who is also a member of the Police Civilian Review Board tasked with holding the city police department accountable.

“It's a bigger issue than my case,” Turner said.

Members of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) claim investigators are dragging their feet on a complaint against Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney.

“Not one person has contacted me yet to come and take my statement about this complaint that I filed on the chief of police and I wanna know why," Turner said.

Katrina Turner filed the paperwork with the department about an incident outside a November 5 City Council meeting where Turner was attempting to help a sick child.

Turner says Brackney intervened and intimidated her as she tried to help the child.

“She should not have came at me that night when I was trying to help that child,” Turner said.

Now, activists in the city are looking to hold the department accountable for that complaint.

It’s also a role Turner has as a member of Civilian Review Board.

“It’s making it hard for the CRB with me being on the board, I think it’s really making it hard and one of the reasons why they won't accept our by-laws,” Turner said.

Turner brought her concerns in front of City Council during its meeting on Monday, February 4, where she also mentioned a recent incident when her son was pulled over.

She says officers let her son off with a warning after she told them she was on the Civilian Review Board.

“If my son did run that stop sign and that's why he was there, then why did he only get this warning?" Turner said at Monday night's council meeting. "Only because when I came out there and let them know I was with the CRB?”

Ultimately, Turner and other activists are asking for more transparency within the department and clarity on how complaints are really handled.

“They send you that confirmation letter and they tell you that you have the right to do that to file a complaint, but it's like everybody who files a complaint against the police, the police are getting exonerated over it,” Turner said.

According to a police spokesperson, Turner's complaint is a personnel issue and is pending investigation so the department has no comment at this time.