CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Governor Ralph Northam still refuses to resign despite repeated calls to step down over a decades-old racist yearbook photo.

Sunday, the Charlottesville Democratic Party officially took a position on the issue, demanding the governor's immediate resignation.

The group met this evening to discuss the issue.

Community leaders, including Delegate David Toscano, voiced their concerns over Governor Northam's behavior, but also how he handled the situation overall.

“It is a frenzy of activity and conference calls,” said Toscano. “We have been on calls over the last few days, probably hours at a time, trying to figure exactly what happened and what the implications are.”

Democrats across the commonwealth have turned on Governor Ralph Northam.

Leaders of both parties are calling for the governor's resignation after he apologized Friday for appearing in a 1984 racist yearbook photo.

Saturday, Northam changed his story saying he is not either of the men within the photo, though adding he once darkened his face to resemble Michael Jackson.

Toscano stated, “It's pretty clear that the way it's been handled and what has happened has troubled so many people, that we've come to a joint decision that it's best for him to step down.”

The Charlottesville Democratic Party is also calling for Northam to resign.

Ivora Hinton, co-chair of Cville Dems said, “Shock, disappointment and being resolved to what needs to happen next.”

The group met Sunday to take a vote, as issued by its bylaws, to issue an official statement calling for the governor to step down.

"With what has been going on over the past couple of years, we're very it's a very sensitive subject particularly to this community," said Mieke Zylstra, member of Cville Dems.

Hinton said, “It affects all of us, not just the city, not just the state, but in general this is one of those historical moments that we really do have to get right.”

The vote was nearly unanimous, though some were opposed.

“The reason I spoke up is because I think Ralph Northam is a decent human being and I just don't think we should throw him under the bus," said Downing Smith.

With one of the busiest weeks of the legislative session starting Monday, Toscano says the controversy will make it difficult for Northam to do his job.

"There are controversial bills that require some compromise, some working by governor's staff to get things and whether he will be able to do that or not is not yet clear,” stated Toscano.

A protest is planned at the state capital Monday morning, calling for Governor Northam's resignation.