CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A pair of police promotions is marking the beginning of changes on the horizon for the Charlottesville Police Department.

On Monday, January 14, the Police Chief RaShall Brackney promoted two very familiar faces on the force.

James Mooney and LaTroy Durrette are now captains.

They were hand-picked by the chief for the promotion, which is part of her plan to alter how the community views the department.

“That's what this type of promotion does,” Brackney said. “It really does help us reset and change the culture internally."

A ceremony on Monday at City Hall officially recognized Mooney and Durrette as captains.

"I've seen things change and I know these last two years have been difficult,” Durrette said.

Durrette's been on the force for 25 years. He says it's time for the department to stop looking in the rearview mirror.

"We need to move ahead and try to fill those gaps and close that in and have that relationship, establish that relationship, again,” Durrette said.

The department has made headlines recently over a mass exodus of officers and a public spat over leadership criticism.

"They can make a difference in the culture,” Brackney said. “They can mentor in a different capacity and the higher you go in an organization, the more influence you have in that organization."

Mooney hopes to be part of that positive change.

"I tend to focus on the people who stayed here and are still here and they come to work each and every day, so I hope to expand on that,” Mooney said.

While Durrette will oversee special operations including recruiting, hiring, and training, Mooney is going back to what he's passionate about - investigations.

He hopes to bring a set of fresh eyes to unsolved cases.

"I know they've done a lot in the last two years, so I have to catch up on that before we can move forward,” Mooney said.

The department now has four captains, which is a first.

Chief Brackney says this allows the department to have a new administrative unit to deal with compliance and best practices.