01/09/2019 Release from the Harrisonburg Police Department:

Harrisonburg, Va. – The Harrisonburg Police Department (HPD) is pleased to announce that the Virginia STOP/Violence Against Women’s Act (V-STOP) Grant has once again been awarded to the department. HPD first applied for this grant in 2015, and the grant was awarded in 2016; the grant is federally funded and must be reapplied for every three years. The V-STOP grant funds 75 percent of a full-time detective position at the HPD.

While the V-STOP detective position oversees a caseload of all reported violent crimes against women within the city of Harrisonburg, it is specifically focused on domestic violence against women. In 2016, the Harrisonburg Police Department received 404 domestic violence related calls-for-service; in 2017, that number was 399, and in 2018, HPD received 315 domestic violence related calls for service.

HPD’s current V-STOP detective is Detective Aaron Dove, who has been with the department since 2011. In addition to investigating violent crimes against women, Detective Dove serves as a facilitator in connecting the victims of these crimes with advocacy resources. Some of these resources are emergency lodging for female victims of domestic violence, assistance navigating the justice system as a victim through the Rockingham County Victim / Witness Program, and counseling services at the Collins Center.

For additional information regarding the V-STOP program or any of the organizations that HPD partners with regarding violence against women, please contact Detective Dove at 540-434-4436.