CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A discussion about the community fear of black men took place at Trinity Episcopal Church on Saturday, January 5.

The project aims to enhance the perspectives of people of color by openly discussing their history and its racist implications.

The group often discusses privilege, power, and control which are often topics related to discrimination. 

Labeled as a way to view the past as a means to enhance the future, the event was titled ‘How Does Fear of Black Men Affect Them and the African American Community’.

It was a community discussion with Philip White, a consultant for the Virginia Family & Fatherhood Initiative.

Those in attendance shared ideas and personal stories about how they have experienced racism within Charlottesville.

Reverend Patricia Jones Turner, facilitator for White Feather Historical Project, said they did not expect the turnout to be as high as it was.

“This is our first discussion which was kind of iffy because we didn’t know how people would feel. We thought people would say 'oh that’s too much in my face, I don’t feel comfortable with that' but people came, so it’s encouraging.”

The White Feather Educational & Historical Project believes that history enlightens the future, claiming that peaceful coexistence is always the best alternative.

The project is set to host an open session about women's empowerment on January 26.