CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville State Delegate David Toscano is urging state leaders to consider investing in renewable energies instead of Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The 600-mile underground pipeline construction project that travels through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia has been met with contention by advocacy groups and state legislators. 

Delegate Toscano compared the pipeline to an old, leaky car that is not worth the investment to keep going. He says investing in other improvements to energy efficiently could mean transitioning to a fossil fuel-free economy in the future.

In a statement on his website posted earlier this week, Toscano said that the use of electricity has remained the same, while the cost of renewable energy has gone down. He argues that this means the pipeline is not needed and improvements to energy storage could mean less reliance on fossil fuels.

“The energy landscape has changed so dramatically in the last five years,” Toscano said. “The cost of solar energy and wind energy has come down dramatically and the game-changer in energy storage is the ability to store energy and then dispatch it when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.”

According to Toscano, investing in some of those technologies rather than the ACP will help Virginia transition to a fossil fuel-free based economy in the future.

In the piece posted on his website, Toscano also raises concerns that the cost of the pipeline would be passed onto Dominion customers. Their bills could increase by as much as $2.3 billion over the life of the project.

A proposed ACP compressor station permit in Buckingham County is set to be reviewed on January 8.