GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A central Virginia man is enjoying his home a little better this winter thanks to the help of Greene County business and nonprofit.

Both groups stepped in to help the disabled veteran get running water, and a remodeled bathroom.

Paul Davis Restoration and Skyline Community Action Partnership (CAP) made this special project possible for veteran, Quintin Croxton.

Croxton said that prior to the remodeling of his bathroom he wasn't able to take a hot shower.

He also had to deal with no heat, and a hole in the bathroom floor.

Paul Davis Restoration tells us they found out about the situation from Skyline CAP which works with people for emergency home repairs.

Through the help of both organizations, they replaced plumbing and remodeled the bathroom.

Croxton said, “I can take a hot shower you know, especially during the cold months. During the summer time I didn't worry about it that because I take the ole hose outside and rinse off a lot, but you know, I’m a bachelor, and I live here by myself so to me. I just like the simple life you know.”

Croxton said he can stay at his home full time now that he has running water, and a nice bathroom to use.

Skyline CAP noted that the project wouldn't have been possible without the help of Paul Davis Restoration.

The company hopes this kind gesture will inspire other people to make a difference in the community.