Watching the movie Home Alone as a kid versus when you're an adult seems like two vastly different experiences.

As a kid you see rebel Kevin McCallister, taking a stand against some treacherous burglars that are threatening to ruin his perfect Christmas. 

As an adult, however, you realize that the movie is filled to the brim with diabolical booby traps that were created by a mastermind future serial killer.

Seriously, have you ever thought about some of the traps he sets for the burglars? Bricks dropped off roofs onto the heads of unsuspecting victims, skin melting doorknobs, a blowtorch to the head, spiders, paint cans swung down a flight of stairs and so many more.

For an eight-year-old kid, these are probably tell-tale signs of something much much deeper at play... just sayin'.

Regardless, these booby traps are a part of what makes the movie so iconic. Everyone wants to see the bad guys 'get theirs' in the end, but would Harry and Marv actually ever even survived these traps?

Youtube star Vsauce3 decided to put it to the test, compiling a very comprehensive video of what would happen physically to the human body if it were subjected to such acts.

-- Spoiler alert, it's not looking good for Harry and Marv.--

Enjoy the video ya filthy animals.