CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville-based advocacy firm says Dominion Energy is overcharging every single one of their Virginia customers by $250 a year apiece.

The report from Clean Virginia says Dominion is cost-shifting hundreds of millions of dollars that should go back to customers and instead rewarding company shareholders.

Clean Virginia wants to see Dominion better controlled through the State Corporation Commission.

A Dominion spokesperson says Clean Virginia is, “a new boutique, dark-money group funded by a hedge fund billionaire.”

Statement from Dominion Energy:

Clean Virginia is a new boutique dark money group funded by hedge fund billionaire Michael Bills, not Virginians who care about clean energy or the cost of electricity. They’re now lashing out on social media at legislators and groups like the League of Conservation Voters who supported the largest expansion of renewable energy in Virginia history. PolitiFact rightly dismissed Clean Virginia’s rhetoric on electric rates as “misleading.” Virginians have seen groups like this come and go and they’re smarter than to fall for the con.

Our rates are 18 percent below the national average and 32 percent below the mid-Atlantic/northeast average. They will be declining sharply in January due to the second installment of Grid Transformation & Security Act bill credits Clean Virginia opposed. The average bill for a residential customer is $114.42 a month. That's less than a large Starbucks coffee over the course of a month. Michael Bills needs to get with the clean program and support Dominion Energy's efforts to bring offshore wind and more solar energy to Virginia.