CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Capital projects and investments took the spotlight during Charlottesville City Council’s work session on Thursday, December 6.

After a meeting last week, council made a commitment to financially support the city's housing authority.

But on Thursday night, some say they're concerned that $15 million for affordable housing over the next five years might not be enough.

“For the next three years, as our plans now stand, we aren't going to really be addressing the need for additional affordable housing - at least not in any significant enough way to start moving us toward that 3,300 gap that the needs assessment identified in the city,” Emily Dreyfus, the community education and outreach director at the Legal Aid Justice Center, said.

Housing advocates say fixing up Crescent Halls remains a top priority.

They are also asking council to increase tax abatement and rental assistance programs so that more Charlottesville families can stay in their homes.